Alexander the Great


I warned him. If we went into PetsMart and they had adoptions going–I was going to want to bring home a kitty.

We went. They had adoptions. Lots of dogs and only two little kittens… and they were orange. Not the deep orange like Louie, but more of a soft, creamsicle orange.

meet Alex

I couldn’t get them out of my mind. We went to lunch… then came back and they were both still there. I had to bring one home.

So I’d like you to meet Alex:


aka Alexander the Great, which is so fitting with King Louie XIV.

I’ve had him for just a few days now. He’s met Taylor and Louie already… doesn’t mind Taylor, follows Louie around. He’s still much too small to be left alone with them but he’s fearless. He purrs constantly.

He also likes to watch Monk on my shoulder…

watching Monk

In between naps, anyway…

cute sleepy kitty baby

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