sick kitties

cuddle kitty

I tried to keep Louie and Alex apart as much as I could when I first brought Alex home so they could get used to each other before meeting face to face. Then Alex came down with a nasty (and I mean NASTY–like snotty gross) cold, so I REALLY had to keep them apart.

roadtrippin kitty

Of course he got sick right before we had plans to go down to the US Toller Specialty in Oregon… which meant that Alex got to go on a road trip! To a dog show! (I have a BUNCH of photos to share from that trip, even though super after the fact. Hopefully I’ll get to it before… well, at some point.)

Alexander the Great

He was not too thrilled with the idea. He cried most of the time we were driving. (It’s a 5-hour drive, by the way.) I’d get sick of hearing him so I’d hold him for awhile.

Alex likes Toller hunt tests

People would walk by the van, looking confused, and asked if we could hear a cat.

No more pictures!

In hindsight I should have said “no.”

I think someone else is glad we're finally home, too!

When we got home, it was to find that Louie had come down with the same cold. I didn’t think it was possible, but it was so much worse and nastier in an adult cat than it was with Alex.

my photo editing assistant

So they got more apart time. Louie got to hang out in the laundry room while Alex was out, and Alex had the bathroom. Honestly, it was a pain.


The cute cuddles were nice, though.



They are both FINALLY healthy. FINALLY!!! I am now paranoid and am ready to quarantine them at the first sign of sickness. I jump at every sneeze. Freeze at every cough. Fingers crossed I don’t have to take them to the vet again for a long, long time.


Good thing they’re cute. And quite entertaining.