What I Would Give Away if I Could Afford to Host a Giveaway: Gifts for Awesome Friends

I have finished my Christmas shopping.*

I’m not bragging. I’m just shocked. Last year I waited until the last minute to even think about shopping. This year I was almost completely finished before December 1. Part of it probably has to do with the excitement of shopping for my little nephew (it’s his first Christmas!!) and for finding great surprises for the awesome guy in my life (our first Christmas together!). Whatever the reason, I’m glad to be done.

The problem? I keep finding neat things that I think they’d like! Not just for the nephew and the boyfriend, but for other family members and friends, too. OK, and some things I’d love for myself.

Instead of trying to talk myself into buying all these neat things, I figured I can share and maybe YOU can buy them and let me know if they are really as great in person as I think they are.

I’m calling it…

“What I Would Giveaway if I Could Afford to Host a Giveaway” list…

or maybe it should be…

“What I Would Gift Everyone I Like if I Were Made of Money” list…

Be warned… I’m no shopping guru, fashion expert, technology geek, art connoisseur, gourmand, etc. I was not paid nor perked in any way to tell you about the things on this list. I just think they look neat. And you might, too.

For My Friends/Me (because many of us have similar aka AWESOME taste)


1. Pretty much anything by Kate Spain. I am LOVING her fabric designs. She has some great holiday fabrics and products out there, but this Fandango Apron in Green/Red is one of my favorites.

2. Etsy is so incredibly dangerous for my wallet. I found these letterpress prints by 1 canoe 2 and fell in love. It is really hard for me to pick a favorite, but right now (I may change my mind next week) I am loving their Home Sweet Home print and their Washington print. Oh, and this Take a Hike print, too. Really, all of their products are great!

3. I’m obsessed with Pampered Chef. If I had the time I would seriously consider becoming a consultant since I feel like I already “sell” it to anyone that asks. I have a lot of their products and love them all. They have a lot of great tools that would make for awesome inexpensive gifts! A few of my favorites are the scoops (large, medium, or small–they’re all great!), the Bamboo Cooking Utensils, the Garlic Press… I could go on!

4.  Someday I’d love to own a Kelly Moore Camera Bag… I’m torn between the new Riva design, the Chapel, and the B-Hoho.

5. I don’t think I need to explain why I love this canvas from ARMINHO… Cameras Canvas Poster.

6. For the geeky side in all of us, there’s Architette Studios’ “construction cards.” They are drawings of various objects with break-downs of their parts. A couple of my favorites are Project Earth and the zodiac series, especially Project Zodiac – Libra, of course. I also love her Project Coffee. (These are all links to the blank cards, but you can also get them as prints!) For the city-lovers in the crowd, she has city skylines– including Seattle!

7. Funny thing–I thought about and even started drawing a pieces to make a harvest calendar of my own, but then I found this awesome one from Redcruiser on Etsy and loved it even more! This is her 2013 Seasonal Harvest Calendar that features produce that is in season each month.

8. (Not pictured) DIY spa kit! There are so many ideas on Pinterest and other blogs for DIY facial masks, body scrubs, oil cleansers, etc–I think it would be a lot of fun to make up a bunch of them and put together a spa kit for my girlfriends! You know, in all the spare time I have…

9. (Not pictured) Knit or crocheted accessories, like the hand warmers I posted here. (If I have time I may still whip up some of these to give as gifts.) I am still in search of an easy pattern with a thumb… but that may be a project for next year.

10. (Not pictured) BOOKS!! I know, I REALLY need to build my bookshelves before I talk about adding any books to my collection… but well, I love books. Cookbooks, interesting read-books, learning-books, photography books, pretty books, funny books… Books I Want in My Library may have to be a list in the future.

Next up… things I’d love to get to spoil my nephew!

*Unless I decide I can do more. But seriously, SO CLOSE to being TOTALLY finished.