I have some new goals for myself. I really don’t want to call them “resolutions.” I feel like that would just set me up for failure since so many New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten well before the year is even half over.

I hope that if I achieve these goals on a regular basis I will be healthier, less stressed, and overall more satisfied. I was going to saw “happier” but that makes it sound like I’m NOT happy, which is far from the truth. I’m quite happy. I just know that I could be healthier and take better care of myself–mentally and physically.

Anywho… some goals I’ve made for myself, in a list so I can hold myself accountable and try not to forget what I’m supposed to be doing:

1. Have better posture. I work at a desk 99% of the work day and often come home to sit at my home desk to edit photos, pay bills, etc. And I slouch. Horribly. I’ve replaced my home desk chair with a yoga ball hoping it will help… and try to remind myself while I’m at work. Hopefully my good posture will last longer than it takes to write this post.

2. Empty the sink of dirty dishes before going to bed (and I don’t mean just putting them on the counter). If the dishes are clean and dry, put them away. Waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes is an annoyance I subject myself to all too often. I’d like to change that. (I haven’t been too great at this so far.)

3. Fold and put away clothes the same day as washing them. I have the habit of piling multiple loads of clean clothes in my room for days after washing them. Then Taylor knocks them over and sleeps on them. The kitties make nests in them. Then they aren’t really “clean” anymore. Folding clothes is one of those chores that really doesn’t take a lot of time but I still procrastinate, dragging it out so it takes much longer in my mind than if I just did it right away.

4. Exercise! Walk! Drink more water! Eat more whole foods! Yeah, it’s a cliché resolution… but this list isn’t a list of resolutions so it can stay. I’ve been decent about exercising and taking Taylor on walks. Not amazing, but I hope to keep it up and increase the frequency as much as I can–but without overdoing it.

5. Sell more of my prints. There’s not a lot I can do to control this so I don’t know if I can call it a goal. Maybe more of a hope? I’ve sold just two prints on Etsy so far, but even that little bit makes me super happy. It’s the little things.

6. Work on making Sincerely Sarah B Photography legit. There are a lot of paperwork things I need to do, people I want to talk to for advice, online workshops to watch/attend, blog and website to develop, maybe even pursue some job shadowing opportunities with local photographers that I admire. It’s a long list.

7. Focus on sharing more ME on my blog, without feeling as though I need photos in every post. I love reading blogs where they really share their stories and I’d like to do that more here. I’ll still post pictures, of course, but I’m trying to get away from “needing” pictures to be able to post–I find that it has been holding me back from sharing. And a heads up… once I get my photography blog up and running I’ll be sharing sessions and photography/business posts there while this space will be more personal–my DIY projects, life, the critters, etc, but I’ll probably give you a heads up here when I have a session posted over there (at least initially).

8. Make more time to spend with my friends. All of them. Even (especially!) those that I haven’t seen in AGES. It may mean that even more of my weekends are packed, but it’s important. THEY are important.

9. Finish the (big) projects that I have started before taking on new ones. Admittedly there are a LOT of projects I’ve started so it may take me awhile to get them all done. Remember when I bought cabinets for my built-in shelves/window seat project? Yeah, they’re still sitting in my garage. Or how about that awesome trunk I rescued from my grandmother’s basement? Yup, it’s still sitting in the garage, too. I could go on… but then I’d just get overwhelmed thinking about them all and give up before I even begin!

10. PURGE! I have so much stuff that I don’t use or need–mostly crafting supplies that I don’t use anymore. It’s tough getting rid of it all because I might use it someday. I like the idea of making cards for people–but honestly? I can’t remember the last time I made a  card. Oh! Wait! I made house warming cards for a couple of friends–FOUR YEARS AGO. Yikes. I’m trying to go with more of a project-by-project attitude when it comes to crafting supplies instead of stocking up on things.

Whew. Good thing this isn’t a list of New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t think I could complete/master all of these things in just a year!

What about you? Did you make resolutions this year or set yourself some new goals? How are they going so far? Mine are so-so… some I’m doing great on, others not so much. Have to leave some room for improvement, right?!


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  1. Resolution posts are my favorite to read. Good luck with yours! I’m not even going to try to work on my posture until I’m so hunchbacked I couldn’t stand up straight if I tried.

    • LOL oh Annaliese… that’s too funny. I used to have decent posture but it’s just been horrible lately!! I certainly hope that neither one of us ends up a hunchback!

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