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I have always had different timelines in the back of my mind for major life events. I thought I would be married by the time I was 25 and that I would have my first child by 27–like my mom. I am now 28 years old and neither of those events have taken place. (But I am seeing an amazing guy and have a wonderful nephew to spoil, so no complaints!)

I also thought that I would have clear skin by my 20’s. That also hasn’t happened. I hate to complain much about it because I know that there are people that have worse issues than my own, but it is still something I deal with on a daily basis. The combination of oily-ish skin and PCOS work against me.

Last week I decided to try a new cleansing regimen: the oil cleansing method.

It is just what it sounds like: you clean your face with oil. Seems backwards at first until you realize that oils cut through oils. There are a lot of resources and other bloggers out there that go into greater depth so I won’t repeat it all here.

I ordered some jojoba oil and castor oil to go with the olive oil I already had. I was impatient to start so the first couple of nights I just used olive oil… it was weird taking the bottle of EVOO that normally sits next to my stove into the bathroom to wash my face… but that didn’t last long. My face was so soft!!

I picked up a little plastic bottle from the store so I could have a separate oil dispenser for my food prep and face wash. I am still using mostly just EVOO with a little bit of jojoba oil mixed in (it is supposed to be good for acne-prone skin) and will eventually add the castor oil, too. (There’s not enough room in my bottle for it yet.)

What I do: massage oil into face, gently wipe/rinse with a wash cloth and hot water, pat dry. I only wash at night and don’t wash my face at all in the morning… unless I forget the night before. If I feel any areas of dryness/tightness in the morning I’ll rub in a SMALL amount of oil–no lotions! (The only downside I have right now of no lotions is that it also means no SPF.)

After a week my face is nice and soft and seems to be less oily than usual. It also looks more “fresh” to me. I hope to keep it up and check back in with my thoughts down the road!

Like I mentioned above, there are a LOT of resources out there about the oil cleansing method… however, this blog post from Thank Your Body is the one that finally got me to just do it!


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