I had been blogging over at Miss Sarah for awhile now, but I’d been itching for something new. My life is at a different place than when I started Miss Sarah. I still wanted to write, but felt like I needed a new name, a new site, a new beginning to continue with the new direction my life seems to be going.

So here it is. Life. Love. Sincerely.

Sincerely means a lot to me. It is even incorporated into my photography business name (Sincerely, Sarah B. Photography). Sincerely describes my outlook on everything in life, everything I do, everyone that I care about, everyone that I love–I do it all with sincerity. It is a word that I hope is used when friends and acquaintances describe me. Sincere. Genuine.

It makes sense that it should be a part of my new blog name as well. A blog where I will share all that is me, all that I do, all with sincerity.

I had been doing really well blogging on a regular basis over on my WordPress blog but I more or less fell off the wagon recently. I really like WordPress, but I can’t access the site during my lunch hour anymore, so that really put a limit on my ability to write! So here I am: back to Blogger with a new name and a fresh start.

I am hoping to start blogging on a more semi-regular basis. I imported my older posts from my WordPress account, so all my old projects are still here. The links probably don’t all work in them and there are probably photos that are missing among other issues… maybe I’ll get to fixing those someday.