Classic with a Twist

My friend Tiffany recently introduced me to Julep, an awesome nail polish (and more) company based in Seattle. Julep has a subscription service that you can sign up to get 2 nail polishes and another full-sized product once a month for $20. The best part? You can get your first box for only $4, which covers the shipping, with the code FREEBOX.

That’s what I did to get my first box. First you go through their style quiz to find your style and then they send you the box that matches that style (or you can pick the box from another style if you don’t like what they suggest).

According to their quiz thing my style profile is “Classic with a Twist” which is described as “an iconic beauty with a timeless aesthetic.” I’m not so sure about the “iconic beauty” part, but I like the polish colors in the Classic with a Twist line so I decided to stick with it.

The second best part? Their polish is awesome and doesn’t have the nastier stuff that other polishes do. Woohoo!

I was super excited to get my box and couldn’t wait to try out the colors! The Classic with a Twist intro box comes with two colors: Claudette, a smoky brick red creme (it’s kind of like a raspberry tone to me) and Helen, a smoky pastel lavender creme. I painted my toes AND my fingernails that night–normally I’m a plain fingernail girl, but I couldn’t resist. I used Claudette on both and LOVE it.

I’ll have to redo my fingernails here soon and I think I might try the Helen.

I’m already looking forward to my next (and first non-intro) box! The other awesome thing about Julep is that you can skip months if you want or you can go the other way and add other products to your box at a discounted rate.

I’m thinking I’ll keep the subscription for awhile to get a sweet little collection, maybe some extras for gifts, and then we’ll see after that. For now, though, it’s an awesome way to pamper myself.

If you want in on the action, use this link to use my referral code and I’ll get extra points in their rewards program, too!

Disclaimer: Julep doesn’t know me. I just want to share the wealth of awesome nail polish and fun box subscriptions! The only thing I get out of this is points in their rewards program if you use my link and referral code to sign up for their Maven (box subscription) program. Woohoo!