Friday’s Letters

Dear Summer… Why are you going by so quickly? Haven’t you heard of taking time to stop and smell the roses? Yes, it’s true, I am looking forward to Soup Season (aka Fall), but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you. There’s so much I still want to do! Like go camping!! And spend more summer days in Port Townsend! And see the baby goats at the Point Defiance Zoo!
Dear Netflix… Thank you for providing me with guilty pleasure terrible shows to watch/listen to while I edit photos. Thank goodness the boyfriend says he’ll still love me if I watch terrible television. I don’t know how I’d be able to hide the fact that I’ve been watching way too much of Say Yes to the Dress… since it’s his Netflix account.
Dear Louie and Alex (aka Little Cat)… You’re weird. I still find it incredibly ironic that I got Louie with the notion that cats are more independent. They’ll do their thing and cuddle on occasion. That is so far from how things have turned out. You both follow me around and take advantage whenever I stop. You want to be as close to me as possible. It’s cute, and I have to admit I like it most of the time… but can you please stop trying to sit on my hand while I’m trying to work on the computer? (I’m looking at you, Little Cat!)
made the mistake of laying down, now they have me pinned!

Oh, and while I have your attention… could you please stop stealing things off the counters? Finding grapes and jalapenos scattered around the house was a bit much.
Dear Bunnies and/or Deer and/or Slugs and/or Whatever/Whoever is Eating my Marigolds… PLEASE STOP. They are there to make my house look pretty, not for you to munch on. And why mine?! My yard is fenced (not that it keeps anything out)–the neighbors down the road don’t have a fence and their marigolds look amazing!
Dear Weekend… I am so glad you’re almost here.