This is happening…

Yup, my little house, my first home, is on the market. It’s actually been on the market for a couple of months now. Thank goodness I am not in a hurry!
Why am I selling? I don’t want to do things to my home for the sake of resale value, but just for us. I feel like I’d be better off doing that in a home that I can see us living in for the long term, if not forever. This home, while wonderful and in a perfect location, isn’t quite big enough for raising a family in the way that we want. I’d also like to be settled somewhere before that someday-family is a reality.
Where am I moving to? I really don’t know. I want to stay in Kitsap County, probably something a bit more central but specifics depend on a lot of factors including the boyfriend’s school schedule and future place of employment, but somewhere that doesn’t increase my commute time too drastically either. Depending on when I sell, I may be at my parents’ for a bit to save some money while we look for a place to buy or perhaps to rent while the boyfriend finishes school. Again, there are a lot of factors!
The hardest part? The unknown, the waiting… and living in my home without really being able to live in my home. There have been many times that I look for something only to remember that I’ve packed it away already… and days where I don’t feel like making my bed or do the dishes, but know that I should just in case someone wants to have a showing.
I wish I could just swap this house for one that’s a bit bigger. It will be difficult to leave this neighborhood, but I’m optimistic that the right house in the right location will come along.
Until then… more waiting.