Julep Picnic Mystery Box

I couldn’t wait for my actual August Maven box to arrive so I decided to splurge and order the Julep Big Picnic Mystery Box! I also got some of the add-ons, which were great deals.

What I got in my Mystery Box: 7 Julep polishes and the Julep Paris Jazz Lipstick Trio.

Vanessa, Teri, Demi, Maya, Dianna, Joy, Evie*

My add-ons: Love Letter polish trio, Perfect Weather polish trio, and the Julep make-up bag (I need a place to keep my new collection of nail polish!).

Perfect Weather: Denver, Claire, Gloria
Love Letter: Annette, Chelsea, Catherine*

I love the polishes. There are only a couple that I am not sure if I’ll wear–I’m not a huge orange person. Those may end up being gifts or maybe a giveaway. I love the variety of reds and the fun blues and greens. Even some glitter!

I had to test some out:


Ring fingers are Helen (from my Classic with a Twist Intro box) with a coat of Vanessa (a clear glitter) over it. The other fingers (and my thumbs) are Joy, which is a similar color to Helen but darker… and an added pink tinge around the edges from cutting beets.

I am not too thrilled with the lipsticks… I don’t wear a lot of lipstick and wish the box had a different product instead. I had to test to see how they looked on me so I’d feel weird giving them as a gift now. But they are nice and I love the packaging! Maybe I’ll find some excuse to get really dressed up and put them to use.

My Big Picnic Box came out to a value of $126 (retail value, not Maven) and cost $39.99. Not too shabby. Even if I take out the lipstick value, $98 of polishes for $40 is pretty good in my book.

My add-ons were another $35 and I got $102 worth of products (6 polishes and the bag).

That’s $75 (before taxes) for $228 worth of products!!

Did you get yourself a Mystery Box? What did you think of it?

*I don’t remember which polishes were in the add-ons exactly… I think Joy was actually in the Love Letter add-on, not Annette.

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Also… did you know that there are a TON of other monthly box subscriptions out there? From jewelry, to snacks, and even entire meals (if you live in the delivery area–which I don’t–so sad), and toys for kids! Or books! And clothes! Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom has a list of the ones she knows about (it’s a long list), plus a list of boxes that are free or super cheap to try out, and she does frequent reviews of a lot of different boxes (some she subscribes to, others she gets just to review).