Five on Friday

I’m linking up to Five on Friday for the first time! Click the logo above to check out five things from one of the hosts, The Good Life Blog, and other bloggers that have also linked up this week!

[ONE] Last weekend John and I stopped by the Buck Lake Rummage Sale. There was a ton of stuff to look at and I got some awesome finds! I scored two matching nightstands for $15–I don’t have a place for them and it’s silly to add in any furniture while I’m trying to sell my house, but I knew that they would work for my sister. I found a couple things that I had to get for myself, too: baskets!!

BeFunky text on iPhone
BeFunky text on iPhone
They were only $1 each! (Sorry for the funky photos… I’ve been playing with different photo editors on my iPhone.)
[TWO] Pizza! Homemade, of course, with homemade whole wheat pizza crust. So good! I make enough dough for two pizzas so I can have what I like (lots of veggies!) and John can have what he likes (lots of meats!). It works out well.
pizza night!!
[THREE] If you like tomatoes at all and you’re local (Kitsap County), please go to Central Market and pick up some of the little organic sweet tomatoes. They’re like candy. I can go through a whole little basket in two days–or less. (They’re topping my pizza from last weekend in the photo above, along with some fresh basil.)
[FOUR] My Tay-boy.
Taylor retrieving driftwood!
[FIVE] I can’t believe summer is nearly over. I have friends with kids that are back in school already! As usual, there are a lot of things that I had wanted to do this summer that I never got around to doing. I am hoping to check a few of them off of my list before summer is truly gone–like camping! But I am also really looking forward to fall… I’m itching to make some good, warm, comforting soup!