Our first camping adventure!

John and I went on our first camping trip together! And survived! We opted for an easy camping trip for our trial run and chose Belfair State Park, which isn’t very far away and has easy access to amenities in case we forgot anything important. Originally we were going to take Taylor with us, but my mom ended up entering him in a show instead. It was probably for the best so that we could figure out the whole camping thing without the extra dog-factor.


I took Friday off so we could collect assorted gear from my parents’ and pick up a few random bits and pieces from Goodwill (a pot, utensils, spatula, and a cute pyrex dish that had nothing to do with camping… I just needed to take it home) and Sportsmans Warehouse. We finally made it out to Belfair around 2:30pm and looked for a place for lunch and decided Casper’s looked promising. It was cute, named for their Bulldog (who was there!), and most importantly it was delicious. They do BBQ and pizza–John had brisket with macaroni and cheese and garlic bread, I had a pulled pork sandwich with cornbread. Seriously, so good. And huge portions!! We could have easily shared John’s meal and been fine. (Needless to say, we skipped dinner that night.)

Side note, I think I know the lady that painted this:


We continued to the park, checked in, set up our tent, explored, and then proceeded to relax for the rest of the evening.

gorgeous sunset over Hood Canal
Saturday morning we decided that sleeping on the ground wasn’t good for either of us–so we went back into Bremerton to get one of the air mattresses from my parents’ and picked up some new chairs in Silverdale. When we got back I finished my book (The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman–loved it), which is the first book I’ve read in ages. There’s always something I should be doing so I rarely make the time to read! It was nice.
Neil Gaiman, mini Swedish fish, festive table cloth, fresh air, my love by my side

But then I needed a new book. We went to QFC and I found The Far Side of the Sky by Daniel Kalla.
I read late that night and got about half way through it. Obviously enjoying it so far.

Finished #theoceanattheendofthelaneby #neilgaiman and loved it... But needed something new to read! Found this at QFC--the only non romance, non mid-series book that interested me. #thefarsideofthesky by #danielkalla
Overall we had a nice, relaxing weekend… and we have a lot of notes for what we want to do differently next time! It was a good first camping trip together and we’re looking forward to many more–but probably not at Belfair State Park again. It’s a great park for being relatively close to home, but there were too many people for us. I could see going there with kids–the paved roads were popular with the kids for bikes, scooters, etc., there’s a playground nearby, and water for those willing to brave the cold. Just not the perfect place for us, at least not right now.
Do you have a favorite camping spot in Washington? Or even Oregon? We’d love some suggestions for next time!

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  1. I used to go camping with my family at lake quinalt and I LOVED it! Its far enough to feel like you've really gone on an adventure but a journey that doesn't take the entire day!

  2. We have gone a couple times and as luck would have it, we end up at the exact campground site every time! It's like fate :-) Worth checking out for sure!

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