We Want to Know Wednesday

Something fun for Wednesday, I’m linking up with… photo WWTKbutton-1-1_zps2077872a.jpg1. What is the weirdest thing you own?My cats are both pretty weird. Little Cat (Alex) likes to rub on my feet if I’m in the kitchen or lay on my hand if I’m at the computer. He also likes to steal things–I’ve found jalapenos, grapes, chapstick, mascara, pens, lemons, limes, etc all over the house because of him. As far as actual non-living items… it’s not really mine, but it’s in my house: a skull shot glass by Fred that belongs to the boyfriend. It’s fun to drink milk out of it.


2. What reality show would you want to be on?I actually find most reality shows highly annoying and the people/scenarios on them just stress me out. Too much drama!! But I wouldn’t mind being on one of the home makeover shows where they pay for the upgrades! I’d be OK with that. 3. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?At one point I wanted to be a ballerina, a veterinarian may have been in the running too, but then I wanted to be a marine biologist for a long time. When I went to college I was thinking something chemistry-related, but ended up with a natural resources management degree (geography) and a GIS minor… but I work with marine biologists, so I guess I’m not too far off from where I wanted to be growing up! (Except for the ballerina part. Grace is not my middle name.)4. What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell them?That it is a priority to me to make time to spend with my friends… even though those times don’t always work out the way I intend.5. What is something you’ve always wanted to do but are afraid of?Skydiving. I think the free fall would feel exhilarating… but the heights and all the things that could go wrong (and end very badly if they did) keep me from taking the jump, literally.


4 responses to “We Want to Know Wednesday

  1. Your cat is too cute! That is too funny that he likes to hide things around the house.
    I'm totally with you on the home makeover show! Wouldn't that be nice!
    I wouldn't make a very good ballerina either, ha ha, I am rather clumsy.

  2. Thanks!! He is pretty cute… and super soft, too! Just makes getting things done difficult at times! I would have been the worst ballerina. I have very little coordination and I'm just not built to be one! Lumberjack, yes. Ballerina, no.

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