Hormones? Or just a part of growing up?

My sister and I used to give our mom a bad time about crying at everything. The cliche Hallmark commercials and everything in between.

Admittedly, sometimes we still do.

But now, even if we give her a bad time, we have realized one of life’s Big Truths: we are becoming our mother.

I cry so easily. It’s really quite ridiculous.

A preview for Hachi made me cry. I’ve never even seen the movie, and I don’t plan on it–the preview was bad enough. I told Jayme about it and she made me stop describing the movie to her… which I didn’t mind because even thinking about the preview made me start to get choked up again.

Really, anything dog/pet related gets me. Thinking about my own boy, Taylor, getting older is forbidden thought territory. He’s only five and a half years old and has many more years ahead of him… but if I think about him not being here = instant tears.

he knows he's cute
My Tay-Boy

My crying frequency has definitely been going up over the years, but I swear it got a ton worse when my nephew was born last year. I haven’t even had a kid yet but somehow his existence just gets me all weepy. I can’t even imagine what is going to happen when I have one of my own!

It’s bad enough to make me wonder if I have some hormones out of whack… or is it really just a part of growing up?


2 responses to “Hormones? Or just a part of growing up?

  1. Dude. I totally identify with this. I get weepy CONSTANTLY. It's kind of embarrassing how often it happens. Ricky just has to go with the flow, because anything can set me off. I get that burning feeling in my eyes pretty much at least once a day.

    Also, Hachi. I've seen it. Excellent movie, but be prepared. I sobbed uncontrollably during pretty much the entire last half of the movie. I literally sat cross-legged in my bed and sobbed into tissues so much, I had little puffy white piles all around me! It also didn't help that I was watching it while I was waiting to go pick Bruce up from the doggy hospital… lol. Not the wisest choice I know.

  2. I'm glad it's not just me!! John finds it amusing. Thankfully he's smart enough to not let me see the amusement until long after the crying has ended.

    I cried way too much at just the preview I can't imagine what I'd be like if I actually watched the movie! Probably very similar to how you described it–surrounded by white piles!

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