Friday’s Letters

Dear Lab Technicians… I am sorry I get cranky when I’m hungry. You may not have noticed since I didn’t say anything, but my face also tends to give away my feelings when I’m tired/hungry so maybe you did notice. But that’s what happens when I have to wait for over an hour to get my blood drawn (which took maybe one minute to do), after seeing five other people get their blood drawn even though they were there after me, when I’ve been fasting since 8pm the night before, and did I mention I hadn’t eaten or had my tea yet? The reasonable side of me understands that it probably takes some time to process the samples after each person, but the reasonable side gets shoved down when I haven’t eaten and have to wait a ridiculously long time with no explanation or apology.
Dear Delicious Mostly-Healthy Banana Oatmeal Muffins… oh my you are good. Thank goodness I baked you up the night before my lab work and had you waiting in the car for me. Life saver.
Guaranteed way to get my house smelling yummy! Banana oatmeal muffins! They're even healthy-ish! (made with whole wheat flour, coconut oil, real maple syrup... and other basic ingredients)
Dear Julep… Even though I know what I am getting in my next Maven Box, I am still so excited to see the goods in person. I am so addicted. Who would have thought? Also, your crazy sale last week was so tempting, but I am proud to say that I resisted. I may not be so strong the next time. (Want to be a Maven, too? Sign up using my referral code!)
Dear Taylor… I feel bad that you obviously felt bad Monday/Monday night, as was made clear by the awful “presents” you left me while I was at work Monday and when I woke up to a disgusting odor at 3am Tuesday morning. Your tendency to back up to things to go #2 isn’t nearly as endearing when it is in the house… on my kitchen stools, wall, and my rocking glider. But thank you for preparing me for future two-footed babies and little boys who may like to smear their own #2’s on walls as I’ve heard they do. And my kitchen floor is probably cleaner now than it has been in awhile… the bedroom carpet is as good as I can manage without a steam cleaner. Also, I still love you and think you’re cute.