girl time

I went to a baby shower on Sunday for a dear friend from high school, Beth. She’s living out of state and didn’t make it to our high school reunion last month so it’s been quite awhile since I’d seen her–over a year for sure, probably closer to two!

Sara, Liz and I met up before the shower, had brunch at Toro Lounge (I had their huevos rancheros with “seasonal fruit” on the side… the huevos rancheros was awesome, but the fruit was rather gross–I expected fresh fruit, but it was cooked/jammy and weird), went to the Bremerton Farmers’ Market downtown, stopped at a creepy garage sale, checked out downtown Seabeck, and then finally made our way to the shower.

The shower was nice and simple and we had lots of time to catch up with Beth and another good friend, Stacey. Beth’s sisters did an awesome job putting it together! One of them made these AMAZING paper peonies out of coffee filters using this tutorial and paper roses (not sure what tutorial she used for those) and made all of the other decorations, too! There weren’t any games, which is a nice change of pace for a shower so we could focus more on Beth and spending time with the other guests.

I got to spend more time with Liz and Sara after the shower, too, since we were a bit early getting Liz to her ferry, so we stopped at Starbucks to visit awhile longer.

It was so nice to have some good quality girl time! I feel so lucky that I can still call these amazing ladies my friends, even ten years after graduating high school, and that our friendships have grown with us. We still talk about boys and other things like we did back then (hopefully in a more mature way than “OMG he’s so cute” and “he looked at me!”) but we can also talk about everything else in our lives, too. Health, growing up, careers, families, etc. The only downside is that there never seems to be enough time!


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