one of our favorite places

We love Port Townsend. I don’t even know how many times we’ve decided on a “do nothing” weekend (which is a rare treat since we/I have plans most weekends) but somehow end up going to Port Townsend. I’m pretty sure we have withdrawals if we don’t go at least once a month.

I love Port Townsend

It was that time again on Saturday, and I wanted to check out the farmers’ market. I was a little overwhelmed at first–there were a LOT more people than I was expecting! But I still picked up a bunch of beets, a bunch of rainbow carrots (so pretty!), a few lemon cucumbers, and a head of lettuce.

Port Townsend Farmers Market goodies! Rainbow carrots, beets, lemon cucumbers, and green leaf lettuce!

Awhile ago we decided that we needed to try every food place we were interested in before repeating. It worked out pretty well for us because we discovered an Italian place that has a tomato soup that we both love (John hates tomatoes, so this is a big deal) and a sushi/ramen place that is also delicious. We had lunch at the ramen place last time…


So this time we decided to get another favorite: hot dogs! For anyone that knows me, you may be surprised. I don’t actually like hot dogs. My got-to (and the only thing I’ve ever ordered) is the Mario that is actually a sausage with marinara, mozzarella, and bell peppers. SO GOOD.

my fave Mario hotdog

We walked through a few shops, got some ice cream (amaretto hazelnut and chocolate in a waffle cone for me, cookies n cream for John), took our time going home, and had an awesome dinner that night with my market goodies and stuffed fish from Tacoma Boys!

perfect summer treat
I got a little too excited when I discovered that the purple carrots are orange in the center!
my love, so patient while I chop my veggies and take photos
I love weekends like this.