Cashmere and Wenatchee

Mom and I packed up the four Tollers and headed east for the weekend! We went for the Wenatchee Kennel Club Dog Show, but I really went for the food, antiques, and spending time with our friends and dogs.

Our first meal in town: wood-fired pizza from McGlinn’s Public House in Wenatchee. Mom and I were there two years ago with our friends John S. and Marie, and we missed them this time around. Thankfully we had John G. with us! From the top: Italian, BBQ Chicken, and Magherita (mine!). All so good! We also split the strawberry spinach salad. They serve their water with lemon and cucumber, which was so refreshing! Loved it!

McGlinn's wood fired pizza! We miss you Simo!!
Saturday started with breakfast at the 59er Diner (it was OK), followed by 40 minutes of wandering Apple Annie’s Antiques (70,000 square feet of awesomeness), the dog show (Taylor got Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 1 point and Rina got Best of Opposite), and finally lunch at Country Boys Southern Style BBQ! SO GOOD. I had the pulled pork sandwich, cornbread, and some of mom’s “ribbon fries” (chips).
Country Boy's BBQ
It was crazy hot so after lunch we took a few of the pups to the river for a swim (the ones showing, Rina and Taylor, didn’t get to swim). It was super pretty, too. I was a bit out of it (I really was not adapting well to the heat–I even had to give Taylor to Mom to show in Open at the show!) but enjoyed putting my feet in the water and watching the dogs frolic.
so pretty... and COOL
Sunday morning was a bit more leisurely since we didn’t show until 2pm. We met John at the Anjou Bakery in Cashmere for some treats before heading to the show grounds. 
Anjou Bakery
Anjou Bakery
The bakery is right off of the freeway next to pear orchards. The interior is a little rustic, but in a clean and charming French cottage way. Super cute. 
Anjou Bakery
The best part was, of course, the goodies. Mom and I split a pear pastry, which had a custard under the pear and super flakey delicious pastry, and an oarnge cranberry scone that wasn’t too dry but just perfect and the right amount of sweetness (but we loved the pear pastry the most). Mom had a mocha that they made all pretty and I had some Steven Smith tea, which is one of my favorite tea makes so I was happy.
Anjou Bakery
Anjou Bakery
Anjou Bakery
Anjou Bakery
It was another hot day, but I was able to show Taylor in Open and Breed (no BOW or points, but Rina got BOS again) and we headed home! I was so relieved to see the clouds on our way home! And cool air!
hey clouds... I missed you.
Taylor was happy to get home, too.
happy to be home
I don’t think we’ll be doing that show again (just too hot!) but I’d definitely go back to Wenatchee and Cashmere… great antiques, lots of great food, and lots of fruit stands! We stopped at the Smallwood’s Harvest stand/store/attraction outside of Peshastin on our way home and picked up some yummy fruit… and I took some photos. Couldn’t resist! (That’s the same place I took the photo of the apples in baskets that is now hanging in one of the Wenatchee Starbucks stores!)

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