Five on Friday

1. This whole government shutdown thing is such a PAIN. There are more choice words I could use, but let’s keep this family friendly, shall we? So many of my friends and family don’t know when they’ll be able to go back to work, or if they’re lucky enough to be exempt from the furloughs, when/if they’ll get paid. While the whole situation sucks, the optimistic side of me that forces me to find a silver lining hopes that it will bring our communities together and that people will help one another out, even if just in little ways. The little things might make the biggest difference.

2. The Northwest Tea Festival is this weekend in Seattle! I am super excited. Perhaps a little too excited. This is my first time attending so I don’t really know what to expect. I am hoping to find some yummy new teas to add to my collection (not that I need any more tea)! I am going with a couple of my cousins, aunt, and mom so it should be a fun girls’ day. One of my favorite tea blenders/companies, Harney & Sons, is a sponsor so if nothing else I’m sure to bring something home from them.

3. So many of my friends are pregnant right now! SO MANY! Even more have had babies in the last year or so! It’s pretty crazy, but exciting too. Makes me want to dig out my knitting needles and yarn from the garage (of course they’re all packed up from the hopes of selling my house) and start knitting again! You know, in my spare time.

4. I’m a bit obsessed with painting my nails these days. Below I have on Julep’s Padma (a deep, dark purple) with Reece (a purple holographic glitter) from my September Julep Maven box… they’re even more purple in person. I still do a sloppy paint job, but it’s improving.


5. Mom and I are supposed to go to Idaho next week for a dog show… with the whole furlough/government thing going on (see #1) our plans have been kind of thrown out the window. One way or another we want to make sure that Taylor (my boy) gets there to be in the show. It might mean I go by myself, or my dad goes with me (he’s NOT a dog show person!), or… who knows.