Luke and Leia
We had our first litter of Tollers born on May 4 of this year. Naturally, we decided on a Star Wars theme: Luke and Leia! Luke is now Obi (they went with our theme!) and lives with his forever family in Oregon. Leia is now Scarlett and lives with her forever family in Alaska. They were only a day or so old, if that, when this photo was taken. (Luke/Obi is on the left with the solid white blaze, Leia/Scarlett is on the right.)
I wasn’t blogging much while we had the puppies… so I have a LOT of cute puppy pictures that I never shared in blog-land! (There are a bunch on my Instagram account, though.) Something to look forward to… :)
PS. Today is the first day of the dog shows in Boise, ID and I’m showing Taylor… wish us luck!!