Things That Make Me Smile, vol. 14

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1. When things work out. This whole government shut-down thing is still sucky, but things came together so that my mom could take off the leave she needed for us to continue our road trip to Boise for the dog show as planned!*

2. My family. I had such a great time with my mom, aunt, and cousins last weekend! I’m already trying to think of other outings and fun things we could do together. As will all things, if we don’t make the time to do them, they won’t happen.

3. Impromptu coffee/tea catch-up sessions. Speaking of things working out and making time for things/people… last Saturday (the day before the tea festival) I set a date to meet with a friend to give her some money for a fundraiser and we decided to make it into a quick catch-up session. It was so, so nice! It reminds me that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to spending time with people–it doesn’t need to be a big to-do. It can be a quick cup of coffee/tea/drink.

Zonked Louie

4. Sweet, innocent, little kittens. My cats used to be so small and cute and innocent… they’ve been driving me nuts lately so I need a little reminder of how good they used to be. And a lot of fingers crossed that they’ll be better behaved soon. (The photo above is Louie when he was only a couple months old.)

*I wrote and scheduled this post in advance since I didn’t think I’d have time to write anything once I got back from the dog show… so as of writing this, I don’t know how we did. Once I recover from the adventure east, I’ll be sure to post about it!

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