Hello sweet blog of mine… I have missed you.

Life has been throwing many obstacles in my direction (and in my family’s) the last few months. I mentioned a bit ago in my roller coaster post that my uncle had passed away in October… and more recently, my grandmother passed away in February. This is the grandmother that lived next door to my parents. Both of their passing came as a shock to our family and we are all still dealing with the loss in our own ways, as we will be for a long time.

Needless to say, we haven’t accomplished much in the wedding planning department. I do have my dress, though–we bought it the weekend before Grammy passed and my mom was able to share photos of me in it with Grammy on their way to Seattle. She approved, but said the lace-trimmed veil I was wearing with it was “too much” (I agree).

Just writing that and thinking about how much that means makes the tear factory start up all over again. Goodness.

Grammy is going to have a big presence at the wedding–we were planning on borrowing her milk glass vases early on, and since then we’ve found other treasures that we’ll be able to use. I also plan on using the antique tea table she gave me awhile ago… somehow. And other jars, platters, linens, etc. from her in addition to the ones I have already.

It’s slowly coming together.

Oh, and in case you missed them, we had our engagement photos taken by Trembley Photography! I went to school with Josh, so it was nice to reconnect with him and meet his awesome wife, Danielle. They did a STELLAR job with our photos and I can’t wait to see what they capture on our wedding day! They are going to blend in perfectly and I know we’ll have a great time with them. Plus, Danielle is just as crazy about their cats as I am about mine!


Check out their blog post about our engagements here! I hope to add some of the photos to my blog here… and eventually get some printed, too. (John’s mom already has a scrapbook of our engagements and I don’t even have any printed yet! I’m suck a slacker.)

And on top of all that… our local dog show is this weekend. It’s been a challenge this year to get everything in place, but I’m hoping that all of the drama/issues are out of the way and it will be smooth sailing during the show!!