a few things

– We’ve officially entered into the double-digit days until our wedding! Can’t believe it. It still seems ages away… until I look at the calendar and see all of the weekends between then and now quickly filling up. Bridal showers, dress fittings, baby showers (friends’, not mine!), baking, crafting, yard work, etc. I feel like I need to write lists and lists… maybe even lists of lists. Then I can cross things off!

– Big wedding accomplishments: My dress and shoes have been purchased. John’s whole ensemble has been purchased. Dad built an AMAZING deck and garden beds to go with the trellis for our ceremony backdrop (and we planted dahlias). I’ve been collecting vases and gold frames for decor. We’ve discussed menu plans. Bridal showers are on the calendar. A day with my bridesmaids is on the calendar. People are starting to RSVP! (Love getting those email notifications!)

– My mom is taking Taylor to Spokane and Coeur d’Alene for dog shows next weekend… he has the potential to finish his AKC Championship there, so fingers crossed!! (He got his CKC Championship late last year.)

– John built my raised garden beds last weekend. It’s only taken 5 years to finally make it happen. They still need dirt, but that’s just a minor detail. I hope to plant more dahlias in one of them and try my hand at some veggies in the other!

– We are definitely NOT selling the house/moving any time soon. The final decisive factor is that it would cost us money to sell after the real estate fees, etc. It’s actually a huge relief. I kept thinking that we needed to be in a new place when we start a family and settled, and I wanted it to all be in place NOW. But that’s silly. We still don’t know where John will be working after he finishes his digital design program–so why move somewhere that might not be any better for his (or my) commute? Plus I love this little house. There’s no reason we couldn’t start a family here down the road, whenever that may be. And planning a wedding (plus other life craziness) is more than enough to keep us occupied–no need to voluntarily add something else to it, like trying to sell a house! We may opt to try to sell next year or the year after… or maybe longer. But we’ll figure that out when the time is right and when it makes more sense. For now we’ll just focus on enjoying living here… and planning our wedding!