unexpected snowy adventures

John and I decided to go on a last minute adventure back in April… he was craving a bit of a hike and we didn’t want to mow the lawn so we headed to Hurricane Ridge! It was a beautiful, warm spring day–I even wore shorts!

We didn’t really get a hike in–there was a LOT more snow up at Hurricane Ridge than I expected. (My shorts seemed silly.) It was still gorgeous so we wandered where we could and took a bunch of photos (while trying not to slip on the slush/ice on the road).








Once we had our fill of the sights on the ridge (there wasn’t much for us to do there without snow shoes) we continued on our adventure and went to the Elwha River to explore a bit. We found some trail heads that we’d like to return to with better planning… that may have to wait until next year, though. For some reason our weekends this summer are already filling up! (Silly wedding planning.)




I loved seeing all the plants breaking through the sediment deposits left by the Elwha River! There’s something poetic about it. This little fern was a favorite. John saw me on the ground, shading the plant with my body while taking photos… so he stood behind me to shade it fully so I could just shoot. That’s love.



All in all it was a great, relaxing day–very much needed.