Pacific Beach with the Family

Little getaways are the best.

My parents rented out a house at Pacific Beach for a weekend at the end of April. We all needed a little escape from reality so we packed up the dogs and went to play on the beach!

John and I left Friday night after work and took a scenic drive out there. Saturday was spent on the beach with the dogs. They ran in the waves, chased balls and bumpers, and got soaked. (Click on the photos to view larger!)

My sister and nephew joined us Saturday afternoon for lunch and more beach time–it was crazy windy! I tried to capture it in a couple of photos, but as usual pictures just don’t do it justice. The sand was blowing across the beach like a river.



The Tollers got to chase more balls in the beach grass with my sister’s Coon Hound and Shiloh Shepherd.

The weather was mostly decent… we didn’t mind the wind too much. Saturday evening it POURED. John and I decided to take a little walk through town (it wasn’t exciting–more creepy than anything else) right when the rain really started. I came back looking like I had fallen in the ocean. Yet, we still had fun… and he let me take a selfie!

PacificBeach01 PacificBeach02

Sunday we had a bit more time on the beach with the pups before packing up to head home.

John and I decided to drive North on 101 on the way home, completing the loop around the Olympic Peninsula. I wanted to stop at Ruby Beach again! It wasn’t nearly as pretty as our visit there a couple of summers ago, but it was still fun. And I still took photos, despite the rain and super high tides.

It was a pretty drive… we’re lucky to live in such a beautfil part of the world. And it makes me excited for our “honeymoon” road trip adventure this summer!!