finally! raised beds!

I had grand dreams of raised beds when I bought my little house nearly five years ago. (Holy moly has it really been that long?! Why, yes, yes it has…)

Then mom and I revamped my “hill garden” (which reminds me–I should take more photos of it! The plants are really taking off!)… and then I thought I was going to sell my house, so why put in beds that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy?… and then we decided NOT to sell.

Finally, I figured why not put in some raised gardens?! I wanted to plant some dahlias to use for wedding flowers (and just because I love them… and had a bunch leftover from planting them at my parents’) and really want to be able to harvest my own veggies!

I bought the lumber, John dug out the sod and put them together, and we lined them with plastic (to keep the chemicals from the treated lumber from leaching into the soil and eventually our veggies)…


and we had soil delivered (it was a neighborhood event!)…



We planted lots of dahlias in the first bed (maybe too many…), then a row of dahlias in the second (because I couldn’t help it) and left room for these seeds we picked up at the Chimacum Corner Farmstand!


Super Savoy Spinach, Lemon Cucumber, Lively Locals Lettuce Mix, Atomic Red Carrots, Sugar Snap Peas, and Chioggia Beets! They’re all heirloom seeds, so I should be able to collect some of the seeds to use next year. (I need to read up on that to make sure I do it right.) I also grabbed a zucchini start. The one piece of advice my neighbor gave me: you only need one zucchini plant.

I planted the seeds on Monday morning… I’d take a photo, but it looks a lot like the photo of the beds with dirt. A bit more level, with divots where the dahlias are and tiny ridges for the other seeds… and the lone zucchini start. I still need to figure out something to use as a trellis for the peas to climb.

I am SO EXCITED to harvest my own veggies. It’s not a huge garden, but it’s a start… five years in the making!