My Stitch Fix #5

My Stitch Fix has arrived!! This is my fifth Stitch Fix… and they keep getting better!

For this Stitch Fix, I requested items that would be appropriate for attending bridal showers (my own!), weddings (my cousin’s!), and versatile items that I could wear on our post-wedding road trip along the Northern California, Oregon, and Washington coast! There’s a lot going on this summer and I need some cute new things to vamp up my wardrobe!

This is what my awesome stylist, Michelle, sent me:



Nellie Daisy Print Top

Dark blue, sheer tank top with sketchy daisies. Definitely need to wear a tank or something else appropriate under it. Very comfortable! A bit loose, but not in a bad way. (Please excuse the iPhone/mirror selfies…)


Kathy Pearl Cluster Collar Necklace

I forgot to take an individual photo of this necklace… but it’s lovely! Gold and pearl clusters!


Lori Lace Fit and Flare Dress

Lavender fit and flare dress, fit perfectly! I usually have issues with snug arms and chest, but this dress had no issues. I think it will be PERFECT for my Victorian Tea bridal shower with my family! Perhaps paired with the pearl cluster necklace? Hmm…


Corbin Tie-Waist Chevron Print Hi-Lo Top

This was my least favorite of the items in this fix… a bit too tent-ish feeling (although looking at this pic again it doesn’t look QUITE as bad as I felt in it). It made me want to laugh, and not in a good way. John said it made him think of a Mariachi band. Not the look I’m going for…


Sugar Dot Print Fit and Flare Dress

Oh how I loved this dress… but the awkward/weird/unflattering bunching under my bosom was too much of an issue for me to overlook. It’s a bit hard to tell in this photo (taken with my phone by John, who was laying on the couch…), but it’s navy blue with small white polka dots. It was super comfortable and fit well everywhere except the chest!



What did I keep? I’m sure it’s not too hard to figure out just from my brief descriptions of the items… but I kept everything except for the Chevron Top and the Sugar Dot Dress. The Daisy Top will be perfect on our CA-OR-WA road trip and I’m already excited to wear the Lace Dress and Pearl Cluster Necklace at various wedding events this summer! And I’ve scheduled my next Fix for after the wedding, but before we leave for CA so I can *hopefully* add a few more new items to my packing list!

Stitch Fix is a personal stylist subscription service. You pay $20 upfront to get a “fix.” A stylist sends you five items based on your requests, your styling profile, and even your Pinterest board if you’ve linked to one. You keep and pay for what you want (the $20 goes towards the total) and send the rest back! You can get “fixes” monthly, every 2-3 weeks, every other month automatically, or whenever you schedule them manually. This is NOT a sponsored post… I just like Stitch Fix! If you want to give it a try, I’ll get a referral credit if you use my link here to sign up for your first fix!


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  1. Love love love that purple dress! Also, I must say you are looking mighty fine and fit my dear! :-)

    • Awww thanks, Jess!! That means a lot! I kind of want to wear the purple dress around the house, just because. I should take more detailed pics of it–it’s so pretty and lacy!

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