My Fitness Journey

Accountability is a HUGE motivator for me. So much so that I joined a friend’s fitness group on Facebook (it’s a small group, but still helpful in motivating me to start my exercising program again) and then I created yet another blog… but this one is just for journaling my workouts and progress! And maybe even serve as inspiration and motivation for anyone on a fitness/health journey of their own.

It’s called Sarah Be Fit. (Get it? Because I’m Sarah B–for a little while longer at least. And I want to “B” fit…)

I thought about tracking my workouts, etc. in an actual paper journal… but why do that when I can do it here in virtual land? So much easier, and hopefully more likely that I’ll keep it up! And this way I won’t be as inclined to post a Facebook status each time I get all sweaty from another workout. I can just blog it instead, and whoever would like to check in on my progress (and leave me some encouragement!!) can do so! Win win!

In other news… only 36 more days until I’m a married women. YAY + YIKES!