If you’ve ventured to this little blog of mine, chances are you already know me somehow… but maybe you’ve found me by following random links or a search-gone-awry. However you found yourself here… WELCOME! And thanks for taking the time to look around.

A bit about me:

My name is Sarah. I also respond to Sarah B., Sarah Lou, Miss Sarah… and “hey you!” works, too.

I like to take pictures. LOTS of pictures. Sometimes I think I have a problem, but then I get invited to take pictures at weddings, of babies, of families and pregnant mothers; and I figure if taking too many pictures is a problem, it is one problem that I am perfectly happy to have.

I have three four-legged “children”: Taylor, Louie, and Alex, aka “Little Cat.”

Taylor is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, “Toller” for short.


Louie is my orange kitty that came to me as a semi-rescue at a mere 3 weeks old.

Baby Louie

Taylor and Louie


A bit about this blog:

This is my place to share.

If you come back often enough you’ll see lots of photos of or for other people, as well as photos from my own life adventures. A bit of travel, a few weddings here and there, families, friends, and of course pets.

If I find or create something tastey to eat, I’ll share the recipe.

If I’m working on a neat crafty project, I’ll share the results.

If something inspires me or is on my heart, I may just share that with you, too!

Take care!